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壹周星闻 | A妹透露男友求婚细节;阿黛尔帮助抑郁症好友;麦当娜回应VMA大奖发言争议
来源:21英语网    日期: 2018-08-23


A妹与未婚夫皮特•戴维森这些天的狗粮恐怕要堆成山了,而且还撒到了VMA颁奖现?。ù?a >这里回顾)。前不久,A妹还在做客一档节目中透露了些许求婚细节。据说,俩人相处数周后,皮特就求婚啦!A妹称,两人当时正在一起闲逛,他就掏出戒指求婚了,皮特并没有单膝跪地,而A妹感觉这样很好。A妹表示,自己并不是个传统的人,在遇到对的人之前也没想过这辈子要嫁人。而皮特则承认对A妹一见钟情,很早就想要娶回家了~

Pete Davidson proposed to Ariana Grande with a truly jaw-dropping ring, but that doesn’t mean that he dropped to one knee to ask her to marry him. 

Grande revealed a few details about the sweet proposal, which came just a few weeks after the two started dating. 

“We were just, like, hanging out, and he had a ring, and, yeah, he just asked me,” she said last week during an appearance on “Zach Sang Show,” a live radio show on YouTube.

“He didn’t get on a knee or anything, thank God,” she added. “Oh, my God, that would’ve been so googly.” 

Though the two talked about tying the knot very early on in their relationship ― Davidson admitted he even asked Grande to pick out rings the day they met ― the “God Is a Woman” singer admitted she never thought she’d get married. 

“I’m not like a very traditional person, so the fact that I’m getting married is something I never even saw coming. I never saw that coming. I never wanted that,” she said on the show. 

Grande added, “I was like, ‘There’s no point’ ... Then I kind of understood it once I found the right person.” 

马上学:Jaw-dropping和breathtaking,从字面意思引申,都表示“令人惊呼和赞叹不已的”。另外还可以说take one’s breath away,同样表示“令人激动的,美得让人窒息的”。


(图源:Daily Mail)


(图源:Daily Mail)

Adele's best friend revealed the singer was the first to spot that she was suffering from postpartum psychosis. 

Laura Dockrill explained that her concerned 'spirit sister' Adele quickly detected the signs of the serious mental illness in her after she gave birth to the singer's godson. 

"She recognised it in me, I was on the phone FaceTiming her and she was the first one to detect what I might have," Laura told Radio 1 Newsbeat recently.  

She added: "The last six months can only be described as hell, it's been the worst time of my life."

Laura, who is a performance poet, author and illustrator, detailed the terrifying impact of her illness in an article.  

In the piece, Laura praises her 'one and only spirit sister Adele' for her support, before Adele shared a link to the article and urged fellow mothers to discuss how they are feeling after birth. 

马上学:Spot意指“发现”、“认出”,常用于被动语态:be spotted, 表示"被发现,被认出"。例:They were spotted by the police as they entered the bank.


日前,麦当娜在2018年MTV录音带大奖(VMA)颁奖典礼上的一席讲话招致了网友不满,大家认为这段本该是向 “灵魂歌后”艾瑞莎•弗兰克林致敬的演讲,却围绕麦当娜本人展开,实在欠妥。对此,麦当娜回应表示,参加颁奖之前她得到通知,要分享自己职业生涯中与艾瑞莎有关的轶事,所以就讲了一段自己的经历,并且感谢她给予的鼓舞,但是麦当娜称这不是致敬演讲,她认为在这样一个嘈杂的颁奖仪式上致敬是对艾瑞莎的不公。


Madonna said she meant no disrespect when she shared a story about her connection to the late Aretha Franklin during the MTV's Video Music Awards on Monday night.

Madonna said she was asked to present the award for video of the year at the VMAs and told to "share any anecdotes I had in my career connected to Aretha Franklin." But she did "not intend to do a tribute to her," according to a post the singer shared on Instagram.

"I shared a part of my journey and thanked Aretha for inspiring me along the way. I did not intend to do a tribute to her!" Madonna wrote. "That would be impossible in 2 minutes with all the noise and tinsel of an award show. I could never do her justice in this context or environment."

Franklin died last week after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

When Madonna walked on stage to present, an image of Franklin loomed over her, leading most to believe she was there to do a proper tribute to the late legend. What followed left viewers scratching their heads, with some saying her speech was as much an appreciation of herself as it was to the Queen of Soul.

马上学:Do justice的本义是“公平对待”,也可以用do justice to sb表示。

综合来源:Daily Mail, Huffingtonpost, CNN



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